Terrarium TV APK Download And Best Terrarium TV Alternative
Terrarium TV APK was an attractive way to stream your favorite movies and shows for free. Cinehub APK aims to fill the shoes of the popular service.

What Is Terrarium TV?

There was once a time when TV was a free form of entertainment, supported solely by advertisements. As technology progressed leaps and bounds, so did the entertainment industry, finally becoming an ever-growing phenomenon like it is today. YouTube brought streaming to the masses, and soon, it became the preferred choice of entertainment. Soon, giants like Netflix perfected the space to deliver a premium experience to their audience. Unsurprisingly, many other streaming services dotted the industry, with each one offering something unique, and of course, each one coming with its own (moderately hefty) price tag.

Platforms like Terrarium TV sprung up to assist people in their quest to pay little to nothing for their TV-viewing pleasure. Popcorn Time was the first big name in free streaming providers. However, it used BitTorrent under the hood, and as a result, it was shady. Terrarium TV APK was very similar to Popcorn Time but had some key differences that set it apart. The free nature of this service undoubtedly raised more than a few eyebrows, which led to its eventual demise. As a simple rule, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Terrarium TV was a sleek internet interface available on Android devices. Users were able to stream high-quality content without any hassle using Terrarium TV apps. However, this service was shut down on the 11th of September 2018, and along with it, its servers were also taken offline. This closure pushed people to other alternatives that exist in the free HD streaming space.

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How To Download Terrarium TV APK Latest Version?

There are websites out there that let you download Terrarium APK latest version 9.9.9. Either that or you can opt for Terrarium APK version 1.9.6 download. In the past, downloading the APK was as simple as going to their website and downloading it onto your device. But ever since they stopped their services as of the 11th of September 2018, all official download links have disappeared.

apklinker.com offers Terrarium TV APK version 1.9.6 download for Android devices. You can check out this link to download the latest version 9.9.9.

Many other websites offer download links for various Terrarium APK versions as well. A simple Google search will reveal many such sites. Once again, it is essential to note that Terrarium advises against using their APK as there have been no updates to the application. 


Why Was Terrarium Shut Down?

Would you rather pay for Netflix, or get all that content (and even some more) free? Obviously, you’d be inclined to go for the latter, and so were many others. People began flocking to Terrarium TV as their go-to choice for free, limitless entertainment. The proverbial elephant in the room was the legality of the service.

Terrarium was nothing more than a web scraper that scraped the internet for links to any show. Of course, it was presented to the user in a sleek package that made it very easy to use. At its crux, however, Terrarium was just aggregating links from the internet. While this process is entirely legal in and of itself, ISPs and streaming giants were opposed to this idea. This mindset was a result of Terrarium TV failing to check the legality of each link. Sometimes it directs you to an illegal rip that exists somewhere on the internet. This put Terrarium in a somewhat grey area concerning legality. 

Soon, the website just disappeared abruptly, and so did its GitHub repository. Oddly enough, there was no reason given for the Houdini act. It seemed as though the developer just bailed on the project. Also, the source code was never made public, so nobody could take up the venture from where it was left off.

Even after the developer explicitly stopped supporting the app, the users continued to use the app. Terrarium TV APK seemed alive and well, being propped up by the unfazed community. However, this saga came to an end on the 11th of September, 2018, as the developer took down the servers. You can read their website for detailed information on the shutdown of their services.  


What To Use Instead Of Terrarium TV?

Undoubtedly, Terrarium TV was a blessing to those who wanted to consume digital entertainment for free. When its services went away for good, people began searching for the next big HD movie app. While some “official” apps can be downloaded from the Play Store, most alternatives have to be side-loaded from a separate website. In this section, we shall talk about one such alternative - Cinehub.

Cinehub movie APK is one of the best online movies app out there. After the unfortunate demise of Terrarium TV, many alternatives sprang to the scene. However, the only HD movies APK better than Terrarium TV was Cinehub Android APK. It has a massive database of movies and a host of other features to make this online movie app, a truly fantastic experience. It boasts a collection of over 350,000 movies and TV shows for your next binging spree. As an icing on the cake, Cinehub updates its database daily to include new movies and TV shows.

Besides, the service is entirely ad-free. This offering is in stark contrast to many other HD movie apps that dot their pages with ads. Hence, you can have a thoroughly enjoyable experience that isn’t interrupted by annoying ads.

Simply put, Cinehub is your one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs!

Cinehub Features

In a bid to provide the best possible experience for its users, Cinehub has included a lot of handy features. This section takes a look at some of those marquee features that are on offer. These features set this app apart from other HD movie app APKs, for an unrivaled experience.

  • Free And No Sign-Up Required

Many streaming services require you to sign up for an account on their platform. Additionally, you might also have to give your credit card information, in case of limited-time free trials. Cinehub saves you the trouble of this painstaking process. Consuming HD movies is as simple as downloading Cinehub movie APK from their website, installing it onto your device, searching for what you want, and clicking ‘Play.’ Effectively, you have the entire database ready for consumption, as soon as you install the app. This feature offers a stellar user experience, unmatched by most other alternatives.

  • Enjoy The Movies On TV

In today’s fast-paced era of constant mobility, it is no surprise that people have resorted to streaming content on their mobile devices. HD movie apps help users do just this by providing high-quality streams. However, there is something to be said about watching your favorite content on a TV screen. Cinehub lets you cast any content on to your TV screen. You can also perform screen mirroring using the app. You can use Chromecast to get this done.

Additionally, it also offers Android TV support for screen mirroring. This neat feature sets it aside from other online movies app. It gives you the convenience of using your phone as a remote and picking your movie/show for the day.

  • Multi-Language Subtitles

For many people, subtitles are an essential part of the movie-watching experience. While the big-name streaming services invariably offer these features, it is hard to find an online movie app that comes with subtitles. Regardless of whether you’re watching a foreign movie, or if English itself is foreign to you, Cinehub has you covered! Most movies and shows come with English and Spanish subtitles. Furthermore, constant updates bring in many other languages other to provide a wide variety of options. 

  • Multiple Severs To Choose From

It can get very frustrating when you’re streaming something, and it begins to buffer or run out of bandwidth. Buffering happens when there is only one server that everyone connects to, to stream the content. Simply put, it is not a very pleasant experience when that happens. Cinehub has at least two servers up for any given movie or TV show, thus solving the issue. Their proprietary web crawler fetches all possible links to a particular video from the internet as the show must go on!

  • Download For Offline Streaming

This feature is almost a must-have for most users. Having the option to download content for offline viewing is part-and-parcel of any online movies app. It is especially handy for long journeys and regular public transport commutes. Cinehub has this feature built right into the app. You can use the download feature on their app to save content for future use. Only a few other free HD movie apps allow you to do this, and hence, it sets Cinehub a cut above the rest.



Terrarium TV had a notoriously troublesome existence right from its inception to its untimely demise. However, from its ashes rose many alternatives, each one with its quirks and features. Amongst them, Cinehub is a clear favorite with its comprehensive library of shows and extensive feature set. Head on over to cinehub.to and give this online movie streaming app a try!